The Gender Garden

From October 2015-March 2016, I ran the Transgender Lives Project for LGBT Health and Wellbeing. It was a creative writing project which gave me the privilege of working with trans, non-binary and intersex communities, to facilitate writing workshops and put together a book of stories and poems. I traveled to Aberdeen, Perth, and Glasgow to run workshops with local groups, as well as one in Edinburgh, and there was an open call out as well. I then edited the book, and spent an evening with a group of contributors and the designer to come up with the title, format and cover image. It was a total joy to work with the brilliant people who came to the workshops and contributed to the book.

We launched The Gender Garden at the end of February at the Tron in Glasgow. The book arrived – it’s in a format which fits in your back pocket, which I love because I enjoy the idea of whipping it out at opportune moments when someone needs to hear some amazing trans voices. It was a packed event, and many of the contributors performed their work, which was really diverse – moving and funny and sad and delightful. We also had non-alcoholic fizz and a lot of cake, which added a certain sugar buzz to the general buzz of the whole thing. I had the particular joy of performing ‘An Evening in Kinlochleven’ with the author, Sarah Fanet – reading the narrative parts alongside her performance of the song which forms a part of the story.

And the book is available for free online now! Take a look – for solidarity, in allyship, for beautiful words.

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