Writing & Performance

I write poetry and fiction, and create performances. I’ve written about queer love, fat liberation, gender, and more. I’m currently writing about relationships between humans and other beings, and imagining more sustainable and reciprocal futures with them. See more…


I run participatory arts projects and teach creative writing. I’ve worked in schools, mental health contexts, queer spaces, community gardens and more. I’m particularly interested in using poetry and stories towards building a more just, more sustainable, kinder world through community and solidarity, and I work to create spaces which are as safe and accessible as possible for people who are marginalised. See more…

Nature Connection

I run workshops and courses which support people to connect with nature wherever they live. I sometimes combine these approaches with creative writing workshops and arts projects, as well as running workshops and events which make space for queer people to spend time together in nature. See more…

If you’re interested in finding out about workshops, performances and events, you can join my mailing list. I’ll never send more than one email a month, probably much less!

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