Arts charity Create brings artists together with community organisations – with them I’ve worked with young carers, adult carers, young LGBTQ+ people, and the children of refugees. I run creative writing and zine workshops tailored to the needs of each group. Here are a couple of examples!


In their change:matters project, Create uses art to support young carers to learn about financial literacy. In the sessions I ran for the project, we made a choose-your-own-adventure style zine exploring what you might need to consider should a young dragon cause chaos in your household – or another costly emergency! Check it out.

Zines with Metro

I ran a series of zine workshops with Metro’s LGBTQ+ youth groups. Youth worker Nicola Jones talked to Create about the impact of the project:

“The zine-making sessions have been so great because people can do photography or draw or write or work in any way they like to express themselves. It’s a way for them to be involved and engaged. It has a wider impact than the number of people in the actual session. Linden is also really amazing at creating a very supportive, safe, chilled, lovely vibe.

Working on a creative thing in the same space as other people and sharing can be really powerful. There is another young person who is incredibly vulnerable, particularly during this pandemic. They created a zine during the week and they shared it with us. It was so incredible! I think having an outlet where some of that stuff can go is really important.”

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