Time. London. Identity. with Omnibus Theatre

In Spring 2021 I ran two workshops with young LGBTQIA+ folks, as part of Omnibus Theatre’s Time. London. Identity. programme. Working with the reality of the challenges we face and taking inspiration from sci-fi, speculative, and visionary fiction, we explored positive changes that we want to see in the city. Imagining better futures offers avenues for hope and action, which felt hard-to-come-by after the tough pandemic winter – and the energy and imagination of the young people was incredible.

The outcome was “We Gathered“, a collective spoken word piece from the perspective of young queer people living fifty years from now – a message from the future. It’s a beautiful piece of work, which moved me enormously – from sweaty dancefloors to parakeets, it shines with connection, energy and hope.

We prescribed the medicine of joy from our patch-quilt hospital,
the weight of the machine slowly but surely falling into disrepair,
we needed it no longer.
The emerald parakeets chirped,
peaceful in the knowledge that they could finally call this city

– From “We Gathered”

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