Acting Up – an arts project for older people

In 2015-16, I was part of a research team at the Mental Health Foundation. We were commissioned to evaluate Acting Up, a theatre project for older people, as they rolled out their programme across the UK. We conducted interviews and surveys to find out about the impact of and need for the project; I had the opportunity to really investigate what a good arts project looks like, and to talk with older people about their experiences of being part of it. The Acting Up programme was inspiring in its scope, and the people involved talked about the big impacts that it has on their lives. As well as producing a robust piece of research, I learned a great deal about larger participatory arts programmes and ways to create accessible and inclusive spaces, which has positively influenced my own practice. The report is available here.

Meet Me At Lewisham Homes

In 2019-20, I produced a creative evaluation for The Albany’s Meet Me At Lewisham Homes programme, which provides a programme of creative and social activities for people aged 60+ in the lounges of their supporting housing. The result was a zine bringing together the experiences of participants, artists, and staff.

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