Writing and Talking Clubs – Goldsmiths

In 2018-19, I was a tutor for the Goldsmiths Writing and Talking Saturday Club, for 12-16 year olds. Over 30 weeks, we covered a wide range of topics – from performance poetry, to storytelling and social change, to zine-making, to podcasts. It was a joy to work with such imaginative and enthusiastic teenagers, and I was constantly surprised by what they come up with. I can’t wait to see what they write in the future…

In 2020, I ran a summer holiday club with Lily Ash Sakula – as we couldn’t meet in person we produced a zine-style workbook with activities and tips, and produced a zine of the young people’s work at the end of the project.

Ministry of Stories

In the first half of 2020 I ran an after school club at Morpeth School for Ministry of Stories, focused on fictional diary writing: check out the anthology and launch video here.

I’m now working with Bishop Challoner School, leading a gothic-inspired story writing course through emails and video.

I have a particular love for Ministry of Stories, having volunteered with them before becoming a freelance member of their teaching team. The experience I got from being a volunteer mentor was invaluable, and their particular brand of monster-themed imagination is a total joy.

Evelina Hospital School

Over the course of 2019-20, I’ve taught creative writing at Evelina Hospital School four days per term. We made a series of zines, which eventually became a book celebrating the school’s 70th birthday – exploring zines, both wild and serious, and how the places around us shape who we are.


I run projects for arts charity Create, including poetry and zine-making with young carers. I completed the Nurturing Talent programme in 2019-20, which provided experience in working with a range of different groups, as well as different art forms.

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