Colour in the margins with words

The Colour in the Margins project is working with farmers and communities to save plants and animals threatened with extinction in our arable environments. It’s run by Back from the Brink, a group of conservation organisations dedicated to save some of England’s most threatened species. I ran a community arts project about the wildflowers that they are saving.

As the Back From The Brink artist for the North in 2018-19, I could choose any project within the north of England. I chose Colour in the Margins because they work very close to where I grew up – the Yorkshire Wolds. These landscapes are so close to my heart, and it was really exciting to have the chance to explore them all over again, with a new eye.

I wrote a set of poems, which I turned into an interactive booklet for a drop-in event at Scarborough Library, where people aged 4 to 80 investigated and wrote about species that Colour in the Margins focuses on.

The booklet is now available online, and anyone can have a go at the activities! You can also read more about my experience of running the project here.

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