These are some places you can find my writing and performance online. You can find a full list of my publications (including anthologies I’ve edited) here.

I created an interactive booklet – including four poems and a set of activities to have a go at – as part of my work with Back From The Brink. It’s available for free: Colour in the Margins with Words: poems and creative writing activities for threatened species in our arable farmlands

My short story Daring the city to fall into it was published in the London Reader‘s Summer 2019 issue, After the Flood. Their forward to the story made me feel like I was getting it right: “What would life be like with food and electricity shortages during a difficult transition? It may be daunting, but in the interregnum, there is space for imagination and hope. For Katherine McMahon, imagining new communities, like in their short story “Daring the City to Fall into It,” helps us see the possibilities for creating something better.”

Little Red Tarot published A recipe for elderberry and apple jelly as part of their Coven Verse series. The poem also appears in my show, Fat Kid Running, and is a sort of spell for feeling brave and capable in your body. 

I wrote a tribute to Ursula K. Le Guin when she passed away in January 2018. It was published in Shoreline of Infinity‘s International Women’s Day issue, which was dedicated to Le Guin.

Gutter published my love poem from heart to belly (which I blogged about here) in Gutter 14, which was a spoken word special. They also included an online playlist to go with the issue – so you can hear the poem as well as read it:

I created an album with sound designer Fiona Keenan, which went with my first pamphlet, Treasure in the History of Things – the pamphlet included a CD and was published by Stewed Rhubarb in 2012

Working with Ben Tyson and the Edinburgh Composers’ Orchestra to perform two poems with an orchestral score, especially written for the words, was a particularly exciting project! Have a listen:

I have a poem and an interview up on the Indiefeed Performance Poetry channel. I would definitely recommend exploring the archives over there – there is an amazing variety of poetry, and the interviews are often really interesting and inspiring as well.

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